For me painting and drawing is a way to understand and to appropriate  reality, a way to assimilate it by art. That always includes the phantastic, often grotesque assimilation of reality. There are many subjects which are very much suited for that purpose. The silent things with their secrets, dilapidated houses and untidy corners, the wilderness below the surface of our civilization.

But the most I am interested in subjects which are dealing with the situation of man in his world. How he is working with the challenges and restrictions of his surroundings.  What befalls to him. The traces he leaves.  Real and phantastcal world can be combined here.  The most I am fascinated by the reality behind the facade which we are humbugged by the media. People in their social circumstances, working and interacting, people in their dreams and their illusions.  I process scenes from pictures made by myself and pictures from massmedia which I assemble to new meanings with elements and situations from my phantasy.