About me

What I expect from painting is that it is touched by the sensory impressions of this world. And that painting uses its own means to touch the observer.  I thoroughly followed nature studies, e.g in my djungle paintings and in my water reflections, and I enjoyed to apply the various means of painting to these subjets. Nevertheless the subjets I am interested the most are dealing with the situation of people in the world: people in their social circumstances, in their working places, in their contradictions, in their fears and their dreams. 

Art is not only able to move and to change people. It is also ist business to move and change, to give to its audience a new sight of the things and to enlarge their possibilities. It follows from this that also  subjects of our time should be dealt with.

While my painting is more realistic,  with excursions to grotesque and phantastical subjects, my colour woodcuts follow a position which combines figurative with abstract elements.